Gutter replacement throughout Portage & Madison, WI

Full-Service Gutter Installers

Locally-owned and operated home improvement company, Raven Exteriors offers complete gutter services for customers throughout South Central Wisconsin. Based in Portage, WI, our staff is trained to properly install gutter systems to homes and businesses. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.


While gutters improve a building's aesthetics, that is not the main purpose. Gutter systems are important because they carry water away from the building. Properly installed gutters protect your structure from water damage. High quality gutters and downspouts protect the foundation of your home or business from erosion, moisture seepage, mold and deterioration.

It is recommended you replace your gutter system when replacing an existing roof. We offer high quality five-inch or six-inch seamless aluminum gutters in a variety of colors and styles. One of our project managers will help you choose the best gutter system for your needs and budget.

Our licensed, insured and bonded company provides gutter services to the cities of Madison, Portage and Sun Prairie and the counties of Columbia and Dane. We maintain, install and repair gutters and downspouts.

Gutters on Exterior of Home

Types Of Gutters

  • 5” Seamless
  • 6” Seamless
  • K-Style
  • Scupper Box
  • Aluminum